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25 NOVEMBER 2022

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About E50

Enterprise 50 (E50) is an annual award programme organised by SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia), an agency under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives and co-organised by Deloitte Malaysia with support from Malaysia SME, Media Prima, Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad (MIDF), RHB Bank Berhad, TM Unifi and SME Bank, to recognise and celebrate the achievements of forward-thinking small and medium businesses.

The Award programme began in 1997, and year 2022 marks Enterprise 50’s 23rd year, and is set to embark on another meaningful one, re-energised with greater zest and drive to achieve bigger accomplishments and more impactful outcomes.

Each year, 50 winners are chosen from among the nominations, and the evaluation is done independently based on both financial and non-financial factors. The E50 Award Programme has been successful in promoting and showcasing competitive and resilient enterprises, capable of facing global challenges in a volatile business ecosystem.


To promote a greater pursuit of excellence amongst the small and medium enterprises and recognise contributions that are well-positioned for the future.

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Qualifying Criteria

To qualify for the E50 award, companies: –

    • Must fulfil the SME definition  and locally incorporated with at least 40% local equity;
    • Must fulfil 4-star & above from the SCORE Programme;
    • Must not be listed on any Malaysian Bourse;
    • Can either be a parent company or a subsidiary. If the parent company participates, all subsidiaries will not be eligible; and
    • Must have 3 years audited financial records.

Submission Guidelines

Nominees are advised to ensure the following:


1. Submit completed nomination form before the closing date for the current year. Below are some pointers on completing the Enterprise 50 nomination form for reference:

    • It is recommended that the CEO/Managing Director of the company fill in the nomination personally to ensure accuracy and integrity;
    • Answer each question and the sub-sections in full and complete sentences. Bullet points are allowed; and
    • Provide real-life case studies and examples in submitted answers, wherever possible.

2. Provide real-life case studies and examples in submitted answers, wherever possible.



SME Corp. Malaysia

Level 4, SME 2, Block C,

Platinum Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2,

Kuala Lumpur Sentral

50470 Kuala Lumpur


3. By submitting the completed nomination form, processing fee and audited financial statements indicates that participants have read and agreed to the Rules & Regulations governing the E50 Award Programme.


Rules & Regulations

  1. The information stated in the nomination form together with all accompanying facts are true and correct;
  2. The decisions of the organisers are final and there will be anonymity of those not listed;
  3. Any clarification and additional information with regards to the nomination which the organisers may require (upon request) shall be provided.
  4. All publicity schedules and guidelines (including rules and regulations regarding the usage of the E50 logo) as stipulated by the organisers for the Top 50 winners will be adhered to;
  5. The organisers may revoke an award in the event that any of the above conditions for this nomination is breached; and
  6. Withdrawal from the E50 award on your own accord after submission is in breach of the terms of nomination and the processing fee will not be refunded and all submitted documents will not be returned.

Evaluation Process

Upon receipt of the completed nomination form, audited financial statements and full payment, each participating company is assessed according to two (2) key areas:

1. Quantitative Indicators

    • Profitability;
    • Liquidity; and
    • Leverage

2. Qualitative Indicators

    • Competitive Posture;
    • Growth Strategy;
    • Vision;
    • Major Innovation;
    • Human Capital;
    • Business Process;
    • Market Presence; and
    • Extent of Information Technology Usage.

(Note: To maintain confidentiality, the financial figures of individual companies will NOT be released publicly. The financial figures will only be used for the purpose of ranking and will be published only as a percentage or ratio. However, profit and other figures may be used internally for research purposes).


All participants will be provided points based on their performance in these two (2) areas. Thereafter, we will be visiting short-listed companies to further validate their applications. A performance ranking of all the participating companies will be done before submitting to the Independent Panel of Judges.

Moderation Process

The Independent Panel of Judges convenes to calibrate and moderate the rankings of all the participating companies. The final ranking and scores of all participating companies are absolute and thereafter shall emerge as the Top 50 winners.

E50 Appreciation Day & Soft Launch

1 March 2022, KL Convention Centre


Why is SME Corp. Malaysia launching the award again this year given the current economic situation?

We are aware that these are difficult and challenging times. However, the sustained success and entrepreneurial spirit of several of our local businesses gives us hope. We feel that individuals who are able to flourish in today’s economic situation deserve a pat on the back and our collective encouragement to keep performing. We believe that there are decent companies out there that wish to enhance their performance and be acknowledged for their accomplishments.

How does a company participate?

E50 is a nomination based award programme. Companies need to submit information about themselves via completed nomination forms to the organisers for consideration for a spot in the top 50 placement.

Any SMEs operating in Malaysia are eligible across all sectors, subject to meeting the qualifying criteria:

    • Must fulfil the SME definition and locally incorporated with at least 40% local equity;
    • Must fulfil 4-star & above from the SCORE Programme;
    • Must not be listed on any Malaysian Bourse;
    • Can either be a parent company or a subsidiary. If the parent company participates, all subsidiaries will not be eligible; and
    • Must have 3 years audited financial records.

When will we know the results?

Companies who have successfully been selected for the E50 Award for the current year’s list will be officially informed in October. The detailed rankings will only be revealed during the award dinner.

Can you explain how the evaluation works?

There are two (2) areas that will be evaluated, which includes:

1. Active Posturing –

    • Assess how the company has positioned itself for future success; and
    • Understanding the competitor and its industry, its deliberate and thought-out strategy and business plan and resource alignment (effective usage of the company’s resources will be evaluated).

2. Operational Finesse –

    • Assess the Company’s current efficiency and operational readiness;
    • Within the Operation Finesse scope, the current financials will be evaluated:
      • Revenue growth – measures operational effectiveness;
      • Operating margin – measures operational efficiency;
      • Asset efficiency – evaluates the company’s investment efficiency; and
      • Expectation – evaluating the factors that influence the company’s future prospects.

Why 50? not 100, 200?

We believe that 50 is an appropriate number given the size of our country.

How can SME Corp. Malaysia and Deloitte Malaysia endorse the list and be considered as an independent panel of judges since they are already the organisers?

The Steering Committee has no basis for or against any of the nominees and thus remains independent. In addition, our strategic partners are also a part of the panel of independent judges.

Are there any obligations from SMEs towards the organiser?

Nominees as well as winners have no obligations towards the organiser.

Is this an Internationally recognised Award?

E50 is designed to be a domestic award. The award is recognised internationally for what it is – an award for business excellence in the local market. Singapore and Indonesia have similar awards as well.

Benefits To The Winners

Winners are also honoured with the following benefits and enjoyment:

    • The E50 trophy and certificate given during the award dinner;
    • Free seat at the exclusive award dinner where winners will be given the opportunity to network with other ground-breaking companies that made an impact to the Malaysian economy;
    • Receive media coverage in digital and printed media;
    • An endorsement and mark of recognition of excellence for the winning company;
    • Granted rights to utilise the E50 Logo on company corporate and marketing collaterals; and many more

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