Success Stories


1.      FOCAL MANUFACTURING SDN BHD (2008, 2009)

Starting its operation as a humble family business in 1995, Focal Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has set its goal to serve global petroleum companies in Malaysia. Since its inception, FOCAL’s core business is custom-fuel road tankers up to global standards, servicing and maintaining of road tankers, and other value-added services.

After more than a decade, FOCAL has undergone drastic transformation and has managed to spread its wings from local to regional markets as well as Australia and Oceania. Currently, FOCAL’s production capacity has increased from six units to 18 units per month. Sales growth has expanded from just the local market previously to overseas markets such as Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Mauritius, New Zealand, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Thailand. This has resulted in growth of 300% in terms of sales revenue in FY 2005 and further 29% increase for FY 2008.

In order to achieve its aim of delivering the highest quality performance, FOCAL keeps abreast with the latest in technologies and re-invention of products. Its R&D team is constantly doing research and developing new products. Year after year, FOCAL has produced new products which have achieved many firsts such as the production of the largest 51-tonne XTO tapered design tanker in 2005, Malaysia’s Largest Rigid Tanker (22,000L) in 2006, the first custom-designed off-road heavy-duty tanker in 2008, the first-of-its-kind B-Double Tanker in Malaysia and Asia and the first LPG tanker in Malaysia in 2009. Furthermore, it has succeeded in producing a fleet of FOCAL’s first aircraft refueler. All these new products and more are manufactured with stringent UN/ADR European standard.

Its success and high reputation as a reliable supplier is attributed to its product customization, excellent quality, reliability, competitive pricing, safety features, as well as speedy delivery. Another contributing factor is that FOCAL is the only tanker manufacturer with a full-fledged service crew in Malaysia, thus making it not only able to build tankers, but also to service and maintain them. With its proven excellent track record and distinct advantage in customization, FOCAL plans to further expand its export market.

FOCAL’s achievements in its industry can be seen from its list of clients and alliances which includes most major oil companies. FOCAL has also received a number of accolades due to its success such as the Golden Bull Award 2008 (Top 100 Outstanding SMEs) and Enterprise 50 Award 2008. Focal is among the first five companies to be bestowed with the esteemed “National Mark of Malaysian Brand” by SME Corp. Malaysia. 

2.     iDIMENSION MSC SDN BHD (2010)

iDimension MSC Sdn Bhd is Asia’s leading e-manufacturing solutions provider, specialising in e-factory/ e-manufacturing software applications. These applications are widely used for semiconductors, electronic components, household appliances, chemical, food and beverage and other industries.

The advantage of iDimension is the ability of its team of programmers to design a complete one-stop e-manufacturing solution. This is achieved primarily due to its expert knowledge in key manufacturing applications, which allows it to integrate and operate the entire system.

iDimension’s many core applications include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MEP), Advanced Planning & Scheduling Systems (APS), Equipment Integration / Automation (EI/EA) and many others.

iDimension has its headquarters in Malaysia, with subsidiaries in Singapore, China, Thailand and Indonesia. The company’s mission is to assists its customers to achieve the most cost-effective manufacturing operations through e-manufacturing solutions, so as to produce products at a lower cost, and of the highest quality.

The company is proud to be part of the nation’s industrialization process towards 2020 and to bring the nation’s manufacturing industry to a higher value chain, realizing continuous improvement in quality, efficiency and corporate profitability.

iDimension prides itself to be working with world-class organisations such as Phillips, HP, Flextronics, Agilent, NEC, Unisem, Intel, StatsChippac, NXP Semiconductor, Haier and many more.

Having won the Microsoft President Club 2008, SME100 Award 2009, Deloitte Fast Tech 500 in 2009, Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award 2009 and Golden Bull Award 2010 (Top 10 Most Outstanding SME), iDimension aspires to grow by 50% in 2011 and beyond, in order to achieve a big conglomerate status in the near future.


 3.      KEWPUMP (M) SDN BHD (2006, 2009)

As its name suggests, Kewpump (M) Sdn Bhd is a pump manufacturer which provides quality and innovative pumping solutions for various usage. What started as a small family business in 1988 is now one of the leaders in the pump industry in South East Asia.

Kewpump is the pioneer in manufacturing stainless steel centrifugal pumps in Malaysia. The company’s array of pump solutions are widely used across industries including palm oil, chemical, water, and various general applications, where reliable and robust pump performance is required.

With its headquarters in Ipoh, Perak, Kewpump has three manufacturing facilities around the city. Its comprehensive plats perform the full scope of manufacturing process from the design of part, costing, machining, assembly, and testing of its products, using the latest technologies.

The company has attained the ISO 9001:2000 certification and believes in creating value for its customers, by producing high quality and affordable pump solutions.

Kewpump’s core values and its high quality products have successfully enlarged its market share in Malaysia, as well as abroad. More than 55% of its products are exported to 22 countries throughout Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and others.

In 2008, Kewpump received the Certificate of Excellent for Exports under the Malaysia Industry Excellence Awards, in recognition of its achievements in the export sector.

Kewpump is also the recipient of The Brand Laureate – SME Chapter 2007 & 2008 Award for its brand excellence under the category of Manufacturing-Pump Equipment.


 4.      MULTI-B SDN BHD (2006, 2009)

Multi-B Sdn Bhd design and manufactures a high technology MF (Maintenance Free) bus duct with the brand name of Translite MF Bus Duct. The bus duct utilises Japanese technology and is produced by Multi-B through technical collaboration with Hitachi Cable Ltd. Japan. Multi-B claims that its low voltage power distribution system is best suited for airports, factories, hotels, hospitals, institutions, prisons, stadiums, high rise commercial and residential buildings and many more.

Established in 1989, the founder of the company started operation with merely RM300,000, in additional to the sum of RM70,000 which was used to purchase second hand machinery. The first two years was difficult for Multi-B. While financial support was already an issue, it also needed to compete with other brands in the limited market. However, they stayed true to its philosophy to excel in business. With hard work, perseverance and assistance from government agencies, Multi-B was successful in overcoming the challenges.

1998 was a good year for Multi-B. From a humble company with second hand machines, the company commenced operations in its brand new  2-acre factory-cum-office complex situated in Bukit Beruntung, Selangor. This factory which is fully equipped with the latest technology and computerisation, is capable of producing as much as 400 km of bus Dutch a year.

From then on, it has continued to expand and never looked back. From local markets, Multi-B ventured into international markets in 2003. Within seven years, it managed to market its products to 14 countries around the world, and has successfully completed numerous mega projects in Asia Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand), India, Bangladesh, Middle East and recently in South America. Overseas markets now contribute 90% of its annual sales revenue.



The history of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd’s establishment can be traces way back before independence at the time when the late Mr. Gulam Husen Jamal, owned a shop in Pulau Pinang. During the Japanese Occupation in the second war, the shop was burnt down to the ground and Mr. Gulam lost everything. Nevertheless strong determination, perseverance and faith spurred one of his children, Tuan Mydin Mohamed, to continue the trades of wholesaling. In 1957, he opened his first shop, Syarikat Mydin Mohamed in Jalan Tok Hakim, Kota Bharu, Kelantan selling toys and general merchandise acquired with his own hard-earned money. His hard work was truly rewarded when business slowly prospered.

Two decades after its formation, the company expanded its business to Kuala Terengganu. Despite offering a variety of merchandise at affordable prices, MYDIN remained popular only in the East Coast. The return of Tuan Mydin’s son, Dato’ Hj Ameer Ali in 1989 marked the turning point of Syarikat Mydin Mohamed. He led the opening of the third branch in Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur in a rented 600 sq ft shop lot with a loan of RM100,000 worth of merchandise, consisting of leather goods and products catering to the daily needs of the Muslim community.

Initially, the company aimed to cater to the needs of only the Muslim community but Dato’ Hj Ameer Ali had bigger plans for MYDIN, and thus he embarked on an innovative change for the family business. In 1991, the business converted from sole proprietorship to private limited company, and later in 2000 it was officially registered as Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd with Tuan Mydin as the Chairman and all his sons as directors. Being the driving force behind  MYDIN, Dato’ Hj. Ameer Ali was then appointed as its Managing Director. Since then, MYDIN has grown steadily at the commendable pace.

With the growth of foreign investments in Malaysia, especially in the retail sector, MYDIN initiated “The Empire Strike Back” strategy. Dato’ Hj Ameer Ali together with the other directors then decided to do the most impossible thing, by opening its first hypermarket next to their competitor in Subang Jaya. After having been rejected by most banks, only one bank was willing to provide financing to MYDIN to expand and this was Dato’ Hj Ameer Ali’s former employer – AmBank. MYDIN was bold enough to compete with foreign retailers because of its conviction that only a local Malaysian company can best supply its Malaysian customers and suppliers, compared to foreign-owned ones. Local Malaysian companies, it believes, can succeed as long as it makes the right plans and right decisions.

After the success of MYDIN Hypermarket in Subang Jaya, MYDIN took a bold step by opening three more hypermarkets in Kuala Terengganu, Ayer Keroh, Melaka and Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. On 14 January 2011, a new hypermarket was opened in Bukit Jambul, Pulau Pinang. Apart from hypermarket and emporiums, MYDIN has also ventured into other business entities such as mini markets, convenience stores and franchises. Though it has expanded greatly, MYDIN does not neglect the small traders and wholesalers. With the introduction of Meriah Card Loyalty Program, wholesalers who part of this program are able to make bulk purchases at wholesale rates.

MYDIN’s vision is to be the World’s leading distributor of competitive Halal goods and services in Malaysia. To this date, MYDIN operates more than 70 outlets nationwide and is still continuing to grow. As a Muslim wholesaler retailer, MYDIN stresses in honesty in business and practices the Halal concept in all its businesses. With many expansion programs in the pipe-line, MYDIN aims at becoming the leading local hypermarket with good business practices so as to be on par with other internationally-owned hypermarkets and thus, make Malaysia proud. “Only a home-grown company knows the needs and wants of Malaysians. We are Born Malaysian, Still Malaysian!”

MYDIN as well as Dato’ Hj Ameer Ali, has won numerous accolades for their achievements including Masterclass CEO of the Year 2009, Winner of Brand Laureate’s SME’s Brand Personality Award 2009, Retail-Chain Sector 2010 by Kuala Lumpur Chamber of Commerce and GOPIO International Renown Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2010

6.     SECRET RECIPE CAKES & CAFÉ SDN BHD (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006)

Most Malaysians are familiar with the delicious taste of cakes at Secret Recipe. Its award winning cheese cakes and delightful ambience might sway you to think that Secret Recipe is a Franchise from abroad, but the truth is that Secret Recipe is very much a home-grown Malaysia company.

Its Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Steven Sim Leong Thun has successfully transformed a small family business which made its debut in 1997, into a reputable global brand with over 250 café throughout the region, workforce of over 3000 and a total revenue of over RM200 million. Malaysians travelling abroad can now beam with pride when they stumble across Secret Recipe outlets in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Brunei, and Australia.

Despite it being a successful and reputable global brand at present, Secret Recipe was just a small company when it first started in 1997 that it was unable to spend big on advertising and marketing. Thus, the company depended solely on word of mouth and in-house promotional activities to make their product known to public. However, these small-scale promotions were effective and in no time, Secret Recipe was able to expand its business locally and to overseas market.

A different kind of challenge awaited its overseas expansion, as it needs to adapt to cultural differences and local legislation. However, through hard work, creativity and innovation, it managed to overcome these hurdles and soon, its brand name became known to the world at large

Since then, Secret Recipe has been the leading and largest cafe chain in Malaysia for many years, an achievement which earned an entry in the Malaysia Book of Records in 2003. The cafe serves 40 various types of cakes and pastries, as well as 20 types of fusion food, in a modern and contemporary setting.

Dato’ Steven Sim proudly claims that most of the raw materials for its spread of food are locally sourced except for cheese, which is imported from Australia and New Zealand. Freshness and quality are maintained as the food are ordered from a centralised system and delivered to its many outlets.

The company adheres to high standards of preparation of food, in accordance with regulatory guidelines, including HACCP and certification from The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Secret Recipe has won numerous accolades year after year, not just from Malaysia but from the countries it has penetrated into. The awards range from Best Cheesecake Award 1998, Super brands Malaysia 2003, Innovative Products 2003, Best Western Restaurant 2005, Indonesia’s Best Restaurant 2006, Golden Bull Award 2006, Singapore’s International Franchisor of the Year 2007, Australia’s 5-Star Food Safety Awards 2010, Brand laureate’s Most Popular Brand 2010 and many others.

In order to protect its brand and stay above the competition, Secret Recipe is constantly innovating and reinventing itself. It strives to stay relevant by sustaining consistency and quality in products.

7.       ABX XPRESS (M) SDN BHD (2003, 2007)

Twenty-seven years ago, ABX Express (M) Sdn Bhd was just a small company trying its luck in the logistics industry from its base located in the backwaters of Labuan, an island in east Malaysia. Today, the company is the fastest growing courier service company in Malaysia with 66 service centres nationwide. ABX Express is also the only Malaysia-owned logistics company with an international network, serving 220 countries all around the world.

The principal activity of ABX express is to provide express delivery services for documents and parcels, from door-to-door, to any address in Malaysia or overseas. To ensure smooth, fast, and efficient delivery which is critical to its business operations, the company has development a state-of-the-art system designed by its own IT experts. These technology-based solutions including SMARTSHIP and SMARTRAK – with its shipment-tracking functions- can identify the exact locations and status of customers’ document and packages, from pick-up to final destination. The system can also maintain customer records and related information.

Apart from technology, the development of human capital is high on the company’s list of priorities. The company’s mission stresses on enhancing the skills of its people. So as to achieve the company’s vision of customer satisfaction, ABX Express boasts of 800 trained staff throughout Malaysia who work as an efficient team to deliver quality service, which is the envy of competitors.

The ABX Express’ dream team is led by its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Ali bin Nordin. Mr. Mohamed Ali’s vast experience in the courier service and logistics industry together with his hands-on management style has ensured the company’s steady progress over the years. His strength in sales and marketing, coupled with the talents and expertise of the senior management, has generated an annual turnover of RM45 million for the company.


Besides being 5S certified since 2002 and MS ISO 9001:2000 certified since 2005, ABX Express has also achieved many other accolades such as HRDF Award 2002, MITI’s Quality Management Excellence Award 2004, 2003 & 2005,NPC’s National Productivity Award 2004, Golden Bull Award 2004 & 2006, SMI ICT Adoption  Award 2005, SMI Service Excellence Award 2006 and Enterprise 50 Award 2003 & 2007.


8.     CAELY (M) SDN BHD (1997, 1998, 1999)

Caely (M) Sdn Bhd is based in the northern Malaysian state of Perak, which is famous for its tin mine. Incorporated in 1986, Caely has enjoyed 15 good years in the direct selling industry and is a subsidiary of Caely Holdings Bhd, which is listed on Bursa Malaysia.

Caely commenced business by selling high quality lingerie for ladies, which remains as one of its best-known and best-selling products. After its initial success, Caely expanded its product range to remain competitive and adapt to market demands. The company now offers a variety of apparel and household products.

In its direct selling structure, Caely reaches out to nearly 100,000 members at various levels and has 60 outlets throughout Malaysia. Four years after it began operations, Caely was ready to venture overseas and explore opportunities in the global arena.

Its export activities commenced in 1990 when Classita (M) Sdn Bhd was established as a subsidiary of Caely to focus on overseas markets. The move was well rewarded, when Classita won the 10th European Quality Award organised by the Trae Leaders’ Club of Madrid, Spain in 1997.

 The high quality products ensures repeat orders from its members, which is translated into increased revenue. In its headquarters in Wisma Caely, the professional management team of Caely is committed to maintaining quality standards in its products for its loyal and potential customers.

To achieve this, the company practises a stringent supplier policy, where only the best manufacturers with the latest technology and production facilities are chosen. In line with this policy, Caely and Classita obtained the ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 certifications in the year 2000.

In 2004, the group achieved a record turnover exceeding RM100 million, with more than 1,000 workers who produced over one million pieces of lingerie every month.


9.     COSMOPOINT SDN BHD (2000, 2002, 2003)

In early 1990s, information technology (IT) experienced a tremendous growth, which has moved Dato’ Idrus Mohd Satha – the Founder and now President of Cosmopoint Group of Companies – to create a string of learning hubs, to cater to a growing need for talented and qualified human resources in the industry. This led to the establishment of Cosmopoint Sdn Bhd.

Cosmopoint started out in 1991 as a training centre in Kuala Lumpur, which only offered short courses on ICT office certifications to its trainees. With the development of a second centre, the company offered IT – related diploma programmes, and was the first to offer Diploma in Graphic Design and Multimedia. Cosmopoint continues to grow with new diploma course offers, and had signed an MoU with the University of New England to offer degree courses.

Today Cosmopoint is no longer just an institute for IT training, but has been recognised as a broad – based institution for professionals, offering advanced courses as well as tertiary education. Starting from two staff centres, the company currently has more than 1,000 staff, one million sq ft campus  and training facilities, as well as the ownership and operation of five distinctive business including KL Metropolitan University College (KLMU), Cosmopoint International College of Technology (CICT), Cosmopoint Worldwide Licencing (CWL), IMS Solution (IMS) and New Horizons Computer Learning Centre Malaysia (NH). These five subsidiaries harness a diverse area that includes education, training, international licensing, software development, graphic design, animation production and job training programmes.

Under CWL, Cosmopoint intends to expand its influence thought 10 countries around the region. Currently Cosmopoint has successfully secured franchise agreements in Manila, Brunei, and Khartoum. In addition, the company’s RM250 million campus, CICT metro campuses and training centres will host 20,000 students pursuing various educational and training programmes, making the company the biggest education establishment.

In recognition of its achievements and success as a business entity and educational training institute, Cosmopoint has been accorded numerous recognitions and awards such as MSC Status, Enterprise 50 Award 2003, PIKOM IT Award 1997 and Highest Enrolment for Local Student 2003.

Despite the establishment of many private educational training centres in Malaysia every year, Cosmopoint proved strong and continues to strive to become the region’s leader and best provider in quality training and ICT solutions. With the belief that there is no limit to growth, the company aims to become the largest education conglomerate with sizeable campuses, staffed with professionals a highly talented individuals sprawling across various countries.