Enterprise 50 - Objectives Of The Awards

  • To promote a greater persuit of excellence amongst the small and medium enterprises.
  • Recognise the contribution of SME enterprises which are well positioned for the future.

SMEs are defined as follow:

Sector Definition
Manufacturing Annual sales turnover not exceeding ≤RM50 million or full time employees not exceeding ≤200.
Services and other sectors Annual sales turnover not exceeding ≤RM20 million or full time employees not exceeding ≤75

Deloitte's impetus to put the award together

  • To understand the psyche and make-up of these companies who are behind the growth of the local economy.
  • To foster and encourage the spirit of enterprise which is vital to the nation's continuing prosperity
  • On-going corporate citizenry.

Benefits To The Winners

  • Receive The Enterprise 50 Award trophy and certificate at the award dinner;
  • Access to Report Card and consultation with Deloitte on Company's strength and area for improvements;
  • Opportunity to network with the movers and shakers of the Malaysia economy;
  • Media coverage from Business Times, Malaysia SME and other printed and digital media;
  • Free seat at the exclusive award dinner where winners will be given the opportunity to network with the movers and shakers of the Malaysiam Economy;
  • Granted rights to utulized the E50 logo products & marketing collaterals;
  • Fast lane processing for loan application and RHB Business Platinum Credit Card from RHB Bank Berhad;
  • Be featured in Enterprise 50 Homepage www.e50.com.my; and
  • Exclusive membership in the E50 Club

For Enquiries please contact :
Amy Sarah Ahmad Fuad (03) 2775-6352
Nor Eryani Md Aziz (03) 2775-6133


We recognize that these are difficult and challenging times, but we are encouraged by the continued success and enterprising spirit of some of our local enterprises. We believe that those who are able to thrive in today’s economic climate should be given a pat on their backs and encouragement from all of us to continue to perform. We believe that there are still good companies out there who are keen to improve their performance and want to be recognized for their achievements.

The focus this year will be in saluting those companies that are well positioned for the future.

“The fit survive but only the best get chosen”

“When the going gets though, the toughest get chosen”

Enterprise 50 is a significant investment for the organisers, both in terms of time and money.

It is important that Deloitte keep tabs with the development of our country. Enterprise 50 provides us with some insight into the psyche and make up of small & medium companies. These companies are important to the nation’s recovery and growth, and we believe that fostering their spirit of enterprise is extremely important to the future success of businesses in Malaysia.

Companies who have made it to the Enterprise 50 for the current year list will be officially informed in early October. The detailed rankings will only will be made known at the award dinner.

Enterprise 50 is a nomination based award programme. Companies need to submit information about themselves via completed nomination forms, to the organisers for consideration for a spot in the top 50 places.

  • Need to fulfill the definition of SMEs and locally incorporated with at least 40% local equity;
  • Must fulfill 4 star & above from SCORE Programme;
  • Must not be listed on any Malaysia Bourse, including ACE Market;
  • Must have 4 years audited financial records.
  • Companies can also either be a parent company or a subsidiary; however if the parent company participates, all subsidiaries will not be eligible.

2 areas will be evaluated:

  1. Active posturing - assess how the Company has positioned itself for future success;
  2. Under the Active Posturing, the Company’s understanding of Competitor and its Industry, its deliberate and thought out Strategy and Business Plan and Resource Alignment – How effective are the use of the Company’s resources will be evaluated.
  3. Operational finesse - assess the Company’s current efficiency and operational readiness.
  4. Within the Operation Finesse scope, the current financials will be evaluated, Revenue growth – measures operational effectiveness, Operating margin – measures operational efficiency, Asset efficiency – evaluates the company’s investment efficiency and Expectation- evaluating the factors that influence the company’s future prospects.

We believe that 50 is an appropriate number given a country of our size.

The Steering Committee has no basis for or against any of the nominees and thus remains independent. A Panel of independent judges has been invited to endorse the list.

Any SMEs operating in Malaysia is eligible.

We consider all fields of business to be important to Malaysia’s continuing growth. As such, we do not confine the awards to any particular area.

Nominees as well as winners have no obligations to the organisers.

Enterprises 50 is designed to be a local award that takes into account which is believed that it will be recognised internationally for what it is – an award for business excellence in the local market. Singapore and Indonesia currently have a similar award.